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      Thank you for visiting JIEKEN, your comments are important to us. Please contact directly with our sales team, or complete the message board below. We appreciate your cooperation and will reply you within 24 hours.

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      Taizhou Huangyan Jieken Mould & plastic Co.,Ltd
      P.C : 318020
      Tel : 0086-576-84261886
      Fax : 0086-576-84261885
      Mobile : 13857644447
      E-mail : dali@jiekemould.com
      Skype1 : call me! Skype2: call me!
      Yahoo Messager: jieke1975
      MSN : jieke1975@hotmail.com
      URL : http://www.jiekemould.com
      Add : No.32, Gong Xin Road,North Industrial Zone,

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